Binding is a broad term covering quite a few different techniques to hold books or pads together. Townprint offers the following types of binding…

  • Padding: Usually used on desktop calendars, note pads, worksheets etc.
  • Fanapart Padding: NCR forms in duplicate, triplicate, quadruplicate sets.
  • Saddle Binding: Or saddle stitching. Commonly used on A4 and A5 books up to 140 pages.
  • Side Stitching: Used on docket books. A couple of large steel staples through one edge of the book.
  • Quarter Binding: Used on docket books. Side stitched with hard covers, hinged and book tape on bound edge.
  • Perfect Binding: A square spined bind where the pages are heat glued inside a scored and folded card cover.
  • Burst Binding: Like a perfect bind, but the sheets are folded and perforated on the fold. Allows better adhesion.
  • Plastic Coil Binding: Lays perfectly flat. Sheets are punched, plastic coil inserted and terminated both ends.

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