Digital Printing

Townprint was the second company in Queensland to go digital. Today we use KM digital presses. We deem them best in their class.Digital printing means we download the print file directly to the press. If, as an example, you want 10 copies of a 200 page manual, this is the way to go. Digital differs from offset printing in that there are no printing plates, there is minimal wastage of ink and paper and the ink or toner does not permeate the paper. It is a thin layer on the surface of the sheet.

  • WANT IT NOW – Digital Printing is fast and cost-effective for smaller quantities, with quality getting very close to offset.
  • VARIABLE DATA – Every piece printed on the digital press can be personalized with different names, addresses etc for a direct mail campaign. Should you require 100 invitations, all with a different name and address, done. Numbering possibilities on these machines is almost limitless… any size, any font, any color, any angle, any number of numbering boxes and on any position on the sheet.
  • OPTIONS GALORE – Digital print options are almost boundless and there is a huge range of compatible papers and cards. Our wide format Agfa Anapurna is also a digital press, and enables us to offer larger items on a variety of materials, eg: window graphics, wall prints, pull up banners, A-frames, backlits, decals, stickers, signage, corflutes and poster printing services. The UV inks used in this machine are extremely long lasting in the outdoor environment.

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